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clay, hands, sculpting


1) Come to the website
2) Look at all the amazing items from the crafters
3) Click on the photo of the item you like
4) You will be directed to the crafter, artist or direct sales person’s website to purchase from them!
5) Enjoy your item!!

Crafters, Artist & Direct Sales People

Become a featured seller on this National website
1) Go to the ”about us“ page and fill out the application.
2) You MUST have an Etsy link or website for customers to purchase directly from you
3) After your website is reviewed and accepted (no two sellers will feature the same items every month) you will be sent a payment link for the sale price of $25 for 2 weeks or $45 for one month this secures your spot on the website for the FULL MONTH (no hidden fees)
4) You will be given directions of what is needed for the website
5) Send your information by the deadline given

That’s it! Any questions email us at

*Prices are subject to change and will be posted on the site when that occurs

painting, pencils, paint
embroidery, needlework, cross-stitch

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Kathy to get information for this to us.

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